5 Reasons a Wedding Picnic is a Game Changer for the Modern Couple

Don’t get us wrong, we love a traditional reception, a typically timed ceremony followed by cocktail hour and then all that shuffling to find a seat like a debutante searching for a partner. We love it because it’s predictable, it’s beautiful and it’s safe. The modern couple however seeks something more, eagerly searching the squares of Instagram for an idea outside the box, an idea to connect all their favourite people on the most important day of their lives. This is why a picnic is the game changer the wedding industry has been waiting for.   

1.    You do you

On one of the most important days of your life you deserve to do you. Escape the rules of a modern reception and embrace DIY to create your own special day. A picnic is a game changer, a new take on a reception indoor or outdoors, a contemporary high tea or a bohemian fiesta. A formal sit down dinner or tapas under the stars. It’s entirely unstructured and totally customisable which is ideal for the modern couple.

Photography by  Poppy & Sage   

Photography by Poppy & Sage  


2.    A picnic is mobile

If you’re getting married you’ve probably started the search for a venue. By now you’ve considered everything short of the local Fish and Chip shop for your wedding reception bearing in mind the average cost of a wedding venue in Australia is $14512. Having a mobile reception means that you can consider private properties and cut costs. If you’ve always wanted to hold your ceremony and reception on the property you grew up on with your favourite tree as a backdrop a picnic may be the answer for you.


3.    No more table 9

If you’re not a Wedding Singer fan, search Urban Dictionary for the term “Table 9”. What we’re saying is, a picnic is a great opportunity to get all of your guests on one table. Eliminate the stress of dividing your guest list and create an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere by having one long banquet table. With a few champagne cocktails under their belt your guests will want to mingle and your picnic will be the perfect focal point for doing so.


4.    How Charcuterie!

Keep the festivities firing and curb the appetite of your invitees with a picnic come platter of cheese and cured meats. The graze craze is all the rage and a picnic is the ideal delivery. Trust us, if you do this, your friends and family will thank you.

**Hot tip, pair your grazing table with a mobile drinks cart.

Food styling by  Platter to Plate  

Food styling by Platter to Plate 


5.    Why the wait?

I don’t know if you’ve heard but it takes very little time for a millennial to lose focus. At all costs, on your big day, you must keep things moving. What a lovely idea it is for you to take off with your wedding party to capture some special memories but be careful not to leave your guests in limbo while you do. A picnic is more than a rest stop, it creates an atmosphere, keeps the crowd together and provides countless opportunities for attendees to take their own gorgeous wedding pictures.  


To book your Wedding Picnic drop us a line clickpicnic.info@gmail.com

To book your Wedding Picnic drop us a line clickpicnic.info@gmail.com